Restore Computer To Earlier Date VS Restore Computer To Factory  Settings

This or that? Not sure enough crashes a system. You need to know and be sure of the “that or this”. Don’t joke with your PC otherwise you run the risk of losing it. Know now whether the problem requires a factory setting soluction or restoring your system to ealier date.

An English man can’t speak to a Spanish man without some problems, your system can’t do what you ask it to do or worst do the opposite if doesn’t understand the language you are using, you run the risk of crashing your system. You need to know what you’re doing, don’t mess around if you don’t. Let’s start from the basics and walk our up shall we

Restore Computer to earlier date

What is computer-earlier date restoration? This is simply restoring the computer’s setting back to an earlier point, this is done when the computer has software problem which may be as a result of downloading and installing bad software like internet helper toolbar, bad anti-virus etc. This can infect a system with different kinds of virus and may make it’s symptons felt like computer being slow, hanging and freezing.

To restore earlier date you need to create a restore point although most operating systems like microsoft’s windows xp already has a restore point, but it’s goo you create one.

How to create a restore point Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. You will see the following menu:
Click on to System Restore and you should see the first screen where you’ll Select “Create a Restore Point”, and then click Next. Type a name or description for your Restore Point, and click the Create button. XP will then tell you that it has created your Restore Point, and displays the date and time for it. Save and close you’re done. Now whenever you wan’t to restore your system to an earlier date just go to.

Goto Start tab > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. Select “System Restore” from the menu, Select “Restore my computer to an earlier time”, and then click Next at the bottom of the screen.
Select a date with calender at the left, then on the right, you’ll see all the available restore Points. Choose one from the list, then click Next. Windows will then ask you to confirm the details. Confirm and click Next to take your computer back to the settings you had on that day you selected.

Restore computer to factory settings

This is done if your system has an acute problem that just won’t go away, problems that has to do with more of your own customization, than anything else. For example as a result of your personal tweeking you corrupted your harddisk, or a virus problem. Even if you see it as a way to delete all your personal files and make your computer new again, you’re still right as factory reseting is a typical a means to return your computer back to it’s manufacturers systems.

Virtually computer or laptop manufacturers equipped their system with this, from Dell to Ascer, Samsung, Hp, etc all supports it.

How to restore your computer to original settings. Windows Vista

1. Back-up all your files save it to an external storage device, like flash or ex HDD. You know just incase.
2. Reboot your system, tab backspace or Del to get into the BIOS screen (depending on the type of computer follow the screen commands if you don’t know yours)
3. Press F8 to enter the advanced boot option, select repair computer and click enter, keyboard layout and enter, next user name and passworld click ok.
4. Select Command prompt, and then open the D:recovery directory, enter ” recovery.cmd” and then press ENTER which might take several minutes to finish. Restart the Microsoft Surface unit, On the License terms screen, read the license agreement, accept it, and then click next.
5. Enter a local administrator account name and password in the appropriate boxes, > Next. On the Review your time and date settings screen, review and edit the time and date settings as needed, and then click next. On the Thank you screen, click Start to start Windows.

For windows xp use a windows CD, insert it and chose repair from their it will guild you. Have any problems? Comment below.

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