Basic SEO For Blogger Blogs Beginners Guide

SEO for Blogger

Bloggers blogging on blogspot platforms find it had to rank highly in search engines, sometimes they blame it on the platform they are using. Granted applying SEO on blogspot with a view to rank high is somewhat difficult when compared to WordPress, for one you don’t have the luxuary of many plug-ins, many twist and turns and many articles which are developed for that platform. Blogger is pretty simple and basic, it’s that basic nature when merged with proper optimization will make your site rank highly and get more visits.

If you’re just starting with SEO no doubt you’ve read many articles on this subject, trust me I’ve done that too, articles of Danny Rowse who oversees Problogger to articles on SEOmoz, they were all helpful but one thing they lack is a practical pinpoint approach that addresses optimization for blogspot platform. Those articles are written with a view for general implementation. This post will walk you step by step on the basics of SEO, and how you’re to implement it on your blog.

What is SEO on Blogspot?

Search engine optimization in full, is the process of making your site available to search engines, making it attractive for them to pick it up and index it, and then pushing it up there in their rankings. The use of proper SEO will make your blog’s contents #1 or #2 in search engines. This helps your site, the number of visits to your site will increase, as people tend to follow what they have seen first. It also increases your ranking especially Alexa’s. In a nut-shell SEO is the of way of getting many search engine traffic.

Having known the meaning of SEO is now time to know what it’s all about and how you can apply it to your Blogger blog. The first on the card is to take stock of the health of your physical site, (physical not technical remember this is basics) taking stock of the health of your blog involves optimizing it to be fit.

Optimize Your blog Type your blog’s url and launch it, do a through check on it, are the links working well? Is the navigation all right? Endevour to ask and find answers to this questions. In terms of links make sure you don’t have any broken or unclickable links, if you have one fix it. Granted finding and fixing broken links manually can be time consuming, luckily there are many broken links checker online. Just google it. In terms of navigation you don’t do much just make sure that each of your post is available through at least one link from your home page. This can be achieved by using a sitmap or using related post plug-ins. Search engine spiders will crawl your blog and follow those links, if those links are good your site will be noticed. Think of it as a assignment giving to web spiders follow those links to the end and give points.

2. Write good post and linkBlogging is content creation, good contents is nothing other than the articles that are in your blog. Write good and unique articles with atleast 400-500 minimum word counts. Then link that article with another relevalant post on your blog. This helps keep search spiders busy, instead finishing their work early they will run round and round your blog following those links, giving you point in the process. When it comes to linking there are two methods – list linking and keyword or in text linking. List linking is when you list 2 or more of your blog’s post at the middle of your post,HERE is an example. The other type of linking is keyword or in-text linking, this is simply making some of your words clickable this is linked naturally, just as I linked this one blogging for beginners.

3. Tags, labels and description Use tags on your sub-headings, first sub-heading assign a h3 tag then subsequent ones will have h4-h5. Bolding your keywords but don’t overdo it. Add labels and proper descriptions before publishing.

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4. Keyword research & Targeting All those ealier step will come to nothing if you didn’t do this ONE, you have an idea for a post, before writing research it. Find out whether people are searching for it, the volume of searches matter. When you’re satisfied target your keywords, target words you can easily rank for. E.g I can make this post “SEO for beginners” but I can’t because I can’t rank for this keywords when the likes of Copyblogger and SEOmoz are there, including many other blogs that has far more pagerank and domain age than mine. Targeting your post to a specific audience is key.

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