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How To SEO A Blogger Template Yourself

The fact is Blogs running on Blogspot platform requires a lot of time to SEO, you can’t do it automatically at the same time just like its counterpart WordPress. No one can do it for you, no

Basic SEO For Blogger Blogs Beginners Guide

Bloggers blogging on blogspot platforms find it had to rank highly in search engines, sometimes they blame it on the platform they are using. Granted applying SEO on blogspot with a view to rank high is somewhat

Warning! Blogger’s Dashboard Stats Is Dangerous

blogger logo Why is Blogger’s stats different from Google web analytic, Going up stats or StatCounter? This question is what have been in the minds of mostly new bloggers, who have recently made the switch to other

Tumblr Compared To Blogger

Comparing Blogger with Tumblr is just like comparing two soccer balls, they’ve the same uses, they’ve the same size, but may have different colours that’s what is certain, different colours.No matter how similiar this two are, there