Warning! Blogger’s Dashboard Stats Is Dangerous

 Blogger's Blogspot Stats Is Dangerous
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Why is Blogger’s stats different from Google web analytic, Going up stats or StatCounter? This question is what have been in the minds of mostly new bloggers, who have recently made the switch to other blog tracking site and are no longer dependent on Blogger’s own tracking.

If you’re a blogger using blogspot platform then it’s important to read this, if you don’t you may make a big mistake. When you open your dashboard, your blogs will appear with the number of post and total page views under the drop down menu you’ll see how many pageviews your blog got according to your blogs built in stats, which tracks all movement coming in to your site. Amazing thing is, those pageviews are high even for a blog that just launched 2days ago with 1 post. This is were it becomes dangerous, this is were your mistakes starts if you’re ignorant of this post.

Because of seemly many visitors you’re seeing, you may be feeling over-happy thinking that blogging is nothing, writing contents and posting it is very easy, I’m getting a lot of visitors now while am still just starting what happens if I blog up to 3 months with 100 articles I may reach up to 1000 (one thousand) visitors or more, just doing write and post only, you may reason like this as a result, you’ll have a lazy approach to blogging. Again because of the increase in pageviews, which happens as you post, lured by the ability to make easy money (which you’re always reminded by blogger), you may feel it’s time to apply for adsense, because you now have some traffic, you applied only to get rejected flat reason? Not enough traffic. You’ve made your first mistake which is serious especially if you’re blogging for money via adsense. Believe me once rejected it takes an effort likened to climbing mount Everest to be approved.

This are just few of the mistake you might make, this is why ignorance is dangerous, Blogger’s stats equally dangerous. You need to know so as to conquer, talking about knowing lets look at matters arising.

Why is it different?

It shows complete values than what two or more tracking shows, i.e bring the two popular web analytic Google and Statcounter they both show very identical values of activities in your blog, but coming to your own blogspot dashboard that houses your stats you see a different thing especially the visitors, pageviews and referring website. For instance for a new blog with few articles can get 40-100 views according to blogger’s stats, breaking it down it would show views coming from websites like adsensewatchdog, Vampirestats, Zombie starts, Villian stats etc, if you see that try to use Google web analytic and compare the stats, you may be suprised their won’t even be one single visit. For smaller blogs it won’t be much problem but for bigger ones with up to 1500 visitors you may see a difference big difference of about 3000 visits making it 4500 visits, you see it’s a very big difference and the main reason why you need to switch to other website tracking. Those unfamiliar referring links are from bots not humans, since blogger’s stats is built to track everything that comes in contact with your blog, it’ll track even non-humans.

Benefits of switching to a new website statistic tracking

There are many benefits but the ones highlighted here are the ones we’ve already discussed. They are:
– Good and upto date stats
– Helps avoid mistakes
– Shows what happens and how it happens
– Goes into details, breaking down pageviews, unique visits, country of visits and referring sites (far more than Blogger’s is capable of).
– Avoid any thing dangerous in blogging.
In all you need Blogger’s stats if you want to see every activity on your site, you need web analytic if you want to see humans. If it’s humans you want which it how Alexa, and advertisers wants your data then go for go analytic like Google’s, it deserves your trust.


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