Common Problems On How to Fix your Java Phone to work like a Symbian/Android

Java to android
Java to Android

I’m writing this post in response to how to fix your Java phone to work like an Android/Symbian that post exposed many problems that’s is people counter while trying to fix their Java phones, so I’m going to bring out as many problems as possible, troubleshoot them and bring out the solution.

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 Two things are needed, one is Phoenix suite and the other is the RM.ppu versions of individual phones e.g rm-714.ppu, Rm_614.ppu, this could be Nokia Asha, C1, C2, Samsung etc. Sometimes the services suite may give error messages if you downloaded it from the wrong source. 

 Common questions:
 1. How can I get RM.ppu number of my phone? Dial *#0000# it’ll display. 2. How can I get the download link for phoenix service suite? This is right there for every one just google it or download from here.
2. Phenix service suite refuses to download or it’s slow what to do? Is either the site or your computer, try downloading from other websites if it doesn’t work, get the software in dvd or CD plate and install it. 3.Phones can’t be connected to pc?
This is often the case with some Java phones, especially the Nokia 205 duos, looking at it you won’t find any usb port on it. But it can be connected to a PC, you only have to look at the other ports, and get a cable that fits in it.  
4. I don’t have computer can I still root my Java phone? Sadly you can’t, you need a computer to root it, if it was Android you could root your Android without computer. But since it’s not an Android, you can’t because the only alternative to rooting mobile phones without a computer is downloading an application, unfortunately Java phones can’t download it.
 5. My phone is not giving any response after dialing *#0000# ?
Double check what you inputed, make sure the zeros, are up to four, the stars and the two harshs are properly placed. If it’s still doesn’t work remove the battery and use a boaster to boast it, put it back and re-try.
 6. How can I know whether my phone has become an Android? See this how to minimize your newly turned Android phone.

More questions and solutions will be added in due course, so stay tuned, and keep visiting from time to time.

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