How To Activate Private Browsing In Mozilla Firefox Browser

How To Activate Private Browsing In Mozilla Firefox Browser
I hope you’ve known what private browsing is, what it can do and what it can’t do, the pros and cons, that is its advantages and its disadvantages. If you haven’t it’s important you read through this somewhat short but detailed article, it’ll help give you the general idea of what you’re getting into. Read all about Private Browsing in browsers for a general understanding of what you’re up against.
I now know that you’ve gotten enough information above to move on without hitches. Below are the steps to take if you want to activate private browsing in Mozilla browser.

Steps to set up private browsing in Firefox

There are two methods to do this.
1. Open a blank private window
2. Open a link in a new blank private window.<

1. Open blank private window

  • *. Launch your Mozilla Firefox browser
  • *. Once open click the menu button and then click New Private Window.
  • *. It then opens you can now browse privately.
  • alternatively
  • 2. Open a link in a new Private Window

    • *. Launch Mozilla if you haven’t done so.
    • *. Right-click on any link and choose Open Link in New Private Window from the context menu
    •  You're now done, the two methods can get the job done. But bear in mind that private browsing all makes your browser turn a blind eye on your Net activities, which means no records are taken.
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