How To easily Buy Peachfolio Crypto coin

Peachfolio Crypto token is now live on some exchanges and platform, including pancakeswap. Here is how to buy this token easily.

What is Peachfolio?

Peachfolio is a token tracker app, it main functions is to bring together all defi coins in platform in other for it to be easily tracked.

With the Peachfolio app you can

  • Import all your projects
  • Track all your imported project
  • Get price alert and updates
  • Get poocoin buy and sell rates
  • Etc.

Other Peachfolio features

Ethereum tracking

Web app

Peach price bot

Price alerts

Profit and loss Reflection tracking Token swapping

Capital gains tax reports

Social media crawling

Live charting Market Analytic reports Staked and Farmed token tracking

Two additional blockchains tracked Limit orders and Stop Loss.

How to buy The peachfolio coin on PancakeSwap

Go to Trustwallet

Goto Dapps, then to Pancakswap

For iphone open safari and go-to

Tap the Settings icon and set the slippage to 11%.

Enter the amount of BNB you want to spend under from

Add the below quoted Peachfolio contract address to the second option (see video above for clearification)

Tap swap to swap your BNB to Peachfolio

Peachfolio coin contract address

Alternative way to buy Peachfolio Crypto coin

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