How To Easily Reset Wifi Settings On Android

Here is how to Reset your Wifi settings on Android easily without going too technical.
How To Easily Reset Wifi Settings On Android
Some of the methods here will work if you are on Android Marshmallow and above, others works for other versions. So if this won’t fix it,  that will.
This is how you can fix your WIFi issues on Android M.
– Go to Settings > Go to Backup & reset.
– Now tap on the “Network settings reset” option.
– Tap the “Reset Settings” button.You see another warning, ignore and tap the “Reset Settings” button again.
And you are done, you’ll get a confirmation message. Your Wifi will disconnect as well.
If you’re not the Android M, this other methods may work for you, I say may because this methods focuses on on fixing your Wifi issues not necessarily resting.
Have you tried WiFi fixer app to resolve the problem?
If you want to fix Wi-Fi error on Android, and every thing fails, why don’t you try third party applications, like WiFi Fixer App called the ST Cleaner. And other Wi-Fi app cleaner.
To do this, go to the Play store and,
-.     Open the following URL:
–   Play store
·         Download and install it.
·         Run the app to fix Android WiFi error.

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