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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX has receantly launched a new feature called Mayday tech support, that tiny life saving icon which is always visible on your Tablet is not just a life saver it’s a fixer, which can best be utilized to repair any faults your device. Learn how to repair any faults you may encounter fast and easy with this feature.

What is the Mayday?

A Mayday call in normal day to day situation is a call for help a sort of save our souls message, soldiers, sailors, pilot and just about any body who is trapped and need rescue make use of the Mayday call. The Mayday call became famous during the world wars that ravaged our continent, and thus it become known as a life saver, a call to repair people’s life and thus in generality the world. This is what Amazon adopted, a feature to fix your Tablet.

How does this affect you and your Kindle Fire? Granted things are bound to go wrong with this latest gadget as just as anything else it’s not perfect. So when you need basics things like; knowing how to download, tweeking the settings, changing applications etc, then ask your best personal friend Mayday. The Mayday feature even goes beyond those mentioned features to include very high technical problems your Kindle may encounter. This is done via video, Amazon tech support places a tiny video on the Mayday section with a tech personnal to help you solve whatever issues you might have on your tablet, this person can even draw and diagonise the problem directly from your device if you grant him/her authorization.

For clearer understanding of the problems that can be solved through this Mayday feature see the list below

Kindle Fire HDX problems

1. Won’t connect to Wi-Fi
2. Device won’t charge
3. It won’t start up or freezes during use
4. Email is not working or not updating
5. Purple or blue haze on the screen
6. Overheating
7. No sound through speakers or headphones
8. Silk browser crashing or not starting

Those are just few of the many problems the Mayday can solve amongst others. I don’t think there is any problem on Kindle Tablet that can’t be solved by this Mayday feature, since they can even draw it from your device and fix it right there and then (you should be careful about granting them full authorization if you have anything to hide, as they may access your personal data). With the new Mayday feature repairing your Kindle Fire is just as easy as A,B,C just sitdown and let those trained do it for you.

How to access the Mayday Feature

It’s easy, on your device > swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Mayday icon at the top right, which looks like a life preserver and it’s clearly labeled, a pop-up window with an Amazon advisor inside it will appear within a few seconds. You’ll be able to see them, but they can’t see you. They then will have to ask permission before they can access anything potentially personal on your tablet.

I see major smartphone manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, HTC and others adopting this approach, not that iPhones and Galaxys of this world don’t have something similar but their’s are less advanced than Amazon’s.

What would you rather have? A device that breaks down and require a lots of time to fix it or a device that rarely breaks down, and when it does you can repair it withing minutes. The Mayday feature is available 24/7 361 days a year. So why don’t you choose Amazon’s kindle Fire starting from $100

Amazon kindle fire mayday

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