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How To Download And Delete Games On Amazon Kindle HD

Some times Kindle Fire users find it very difficult to download games to their Kindle devices, if after lots of trial and error they managed to download any game, after playing and maybe disliking them they’ll face

10 Best Kindle Games For Kids Development

There many good games available to Kindle users, countless number of games that cuts across many genres of games. But finding games that are children friendly is not easy. Games that are suitable for children should have

Easy Way To Find Downloaded Files On Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire tablet made by Amazon is a device that’s wonderfully made, boasting of lots of amazing features that makes life for its users easier and fun. Yet despite that, the technology, machines and money that

How To Fix All Kindle Fire Problems Via The Mayday Feature

photo: Amazon Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX has receantly launched a new feature called Mayday tech support, that tiny life saving icon which is always visible on your Tablet is not just a life saver it’s a fixer,