Easy Way To Find Downloaded Files On Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire tablet made by Amazon is a device that’s wonderfully made, boasting of lots of amazing features that makes life for its users easier and fun. Yet despite that, the technology, machines and money that went into crafting this powerful tablets, its users are complaining as they are having some difficulties especially in the area of viewing downloaded files.

I’ve received many emails pointing me towards this direction at first I thought it was a joke, I didn’t believe what I read, I mean who could imagine a device like Amazon Kindle Fire having that type of flaw.

I just came in contact with a Kindle Fire tablet you know just to see whether what I’ve been hearing is true. So I downloaded an ebook in pdf format, opened it and read some text, I closed it and wanted to re-open it only to experience a shocker! I can’t find the downloaded file, I searched everywhere yet I didn’t see it. It took me a very long time to figure out where my file went, along the way I also discovered the easiest way to access downloaded files on Kindle Fire HD/HDX.

Steps to open Kindle Fire Files

Step 1. Browser Open the web browser you used to download the lost file.
Step 2. Locate Locate the file by clicking the little paper bar icon, an icon showing something like a stack of paper located at the bottom black bar.
Step 3. Select and open Step 2 will open all file links that you’ve downloaded, just select any one you want and follow the link to open and continue reading. It’s as simply as that.

Alright problem solved, so instead of running round and round looking for your files just follow the above procedures and get all your files in one piece.

I’ve observed something which I want to point out, I receive a lot of emails about one problem or the other especially when it comes to mobiles, I try as much as possible to find the solution and post it, people read and once problem is solved no thank you, no comments, please I’d like you guys to drop your comments even if you understand this tutorial fully and it worked without problem, you know just say thank you. A simple “thank you” does wonders to the heart, there is nothing more than appreciation.

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