How To Force MTN NG To Stop Sending Unwanted SMS

How To Force MTN NG To Stop Sending SMS

This days I don’t know whether I’m dating MTN, I say this because I sleep with MTN messages, when I wake up in the morning the first thing that greets me are text messages from them, the disturbances are much and the funny part of it is if you decide to ignore those messages they will resort to voice calls, always calling your line, whether you want it or not. As if it’s by force.
Investigations done by revealed some interesting things about this messages that are being sent.

MTN as a network is troublesome especially in the two West African countries Nigeria and Ghana. Again when it comes to those “1010”, “4100” “MTN Play”, “MTN Eye”, “MTN zone messages” etc some of those are not sent by MTN Nigeria or MTN Ghana. They are not the only ones that sends those messages, there are third partys at play here. Whether it is MTN sending the messages or or third party individuals/organizations one thing they all have in common is money, yes those messages are designed for business, making money through bulk SMS shortcodes at without fully considering subscribers thereby ripping of precious airtime from MTN costumers. This is called SMS short code business.

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“congrats! Your number has been selected, you can win a generator today, text ** to enter the draw it’s free” the above message is one of those common messages MTN Nigeria (code name : MTN N) sends, at first it seems harmless as no airtime is charged initially , but once you’re replying you won’t know how you’ll be tricked into subscribing, at the end you’ll end up not having the generator and your airtime deducted every month.

Try calling customer care? Well unless you have nothing to do than to sit down and wait for MTN customer care agent to have mercy on you and pick your call, otherwise you’d better not call, because I guarantee that you’ll waste your time.

Another alternative might be to walk into any of their connect stores nationwide to complain, is a very good option to those who haven’t tried it. Trust me you’ll be wasting your time unless you have some cash to stash.

2 steps to stop unsolicited Text messages from MTN

1. Open your text message editor and compose a new open

2. Send “stop” to 33111. After you’ll receive a reply “You will be removed from our campaign database within 24hrs. Thank you.”

You’ll be removed as soon as possible.

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