Top 3 GLO Internet Data Bundle Codes For Android And Tablets

Top 3 GLO Data Bundles Codes For Android And Tablets
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Glo continues ruling people’s Android phones still, even though it is 2015. But they can’t rule your smartphone if you don’t subscribe through money via airtime. What are the latest cheap Glo data bundle (mb and gb) for Android devices?
The latest Glo subscription is remarkable for not changing. Glo ng
currently do not have seperate internet plans for Android like Airtel Nigeria or like Blackberry subscription so we have to make do of what we have.

Globacom NG subscription prices and activation codes

1. Instant Surf
Top 3 GLO Data Bundles Codes For Android And TabletsN100
24 hours
Dial *127*51# or send 51 to 127
2. One Week
7 days
Dial *127*52# or send 52 to 127
3. Always Micro
30 days
Dial *127*53# or send 53 to 127
4. Always Macro N3,000
1.5 GB
30 days
Dial *127*54# or send 54 to 127
This codes can for other Mobile Phones, like Java, Windows, iOS and Symbian.

Note: For more help and information, please call Glo Customer Care on 333. Plans are available for both Prepaid and Postpaid Customers


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