How To Maintain UPS Battery For Long Life Without Spending

The uninterruptible power supplies known widly as UPS is a power protection system that protects electronic cc y  from burn out, it serves as a shield between unsteady or fluatuting current or electricity and your precious gadgets, preventing them from been damaged.

The UPS also serves as power bank.
The UPS contains sealed-acid maintanance-free battery. The bad environment, high discharge frequency, high temperature will dramatically reduce the life cycle of battery. Also it’s not an option to drop it without using it, as the battery life will reduce when not in use.

Follow this simple steps to maintain your UPS battery for optimum performance.
1. First you’ve to connect the UPS to AC and turn on the UPS, then charge the battery for at least 10 hours, keeping an eye on the load status.

2. Keep the load at that status and record the total power capacity of the load and remove the input plug in the UPS, and the battery of the Uninterruptible power supply will discharge, untill drains and off, record the discharge time, for later use.

3. The battery service life is about 2 to 3 years depending on the type of UPS, you’re using. For example the APC BR1500G
typically has a longer battery life, despite it’s many amazing features when compared to others.

Features like

2. Has an Auto Shutdown Software which allows management of the Back-UPS from your computer via USB interface, saves files and shuts down system when battery is low.

3. Data Line Surge Protection guards against surges and spikes traveling over an analog phone line; Building Wiring Fault Indicator detects problems in building wiring.

4. LCD graphics display with text and mimic diagrams that display modes of operation, system parameters and alarms; audible alarms indicate changing utility power and UPS conditions. are there to actually enhance the battery life. As UPS performance depends on battery use.

How To Maintain UPS Battery For Long Life Without Spending

. Six battery backup/surge protected outlets which keep critical devices running during outages and fluctuations; has protection for non-critical devices.
5. With the operating time passed, the capability of battery will be weakened, that is the discharge time will decrease.

The checking frequency of the battery should change from once every half year to once every month.

6. Finally when servincing batteries, do not attempt to do it yourself if you have little or no knowledge of power protection systems. This should be done by personnel knowledgeable about batteries. Make sure the battery being replaced have the same type and number with the original one.

Some general remainders

Do not dispose of batteries in fire, this may cause explotion.
Don’t open or mutilate UPS batteries, chemicals released is harmful to the skin and eyes, and in some cases toxic.

No matter how strong a UPS battery is, conditions like high temperature, high discharge frequency, the battery service may reduce the battery’s life.

Suggestion Depending on the type of Battery, discharge the battery once every 3 months when AC is normal, will go a long way in improving battery performance.


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