How To Make A Collage On The Computer For Free

How To Make A Collage On The Computer For Free

If you have your own computer, and your own photo editing software (or not) then you’re good as having your own college photos done with your computer. It’s easy and simple as that. You don’t need to pay anybody anything, if you really can handle your mouse and tweek some things then you’re good to go

Of course there are many ways to make Photo colleges with your computer, some you may know, some you might not know, whatever category you belong Nethelpblog is going to help you make a college of photos on your PC.

The Two different ways

There are two ways to that

1. Online college with computer

2.Offline college with computer

Making photo colleges online

This is one of the ways to make colleges of pictures, this involves going to some websites that offer this services for free or paid depending on what you need. With this method you don’t need to install a software on your PC, you only have to make sure your computer has an internet connection, so as to give you the desired result.

Unlike the second type, you don’t have to have any design knowledge. Just trust your eyes to do it for you. Just choose any of this online sites that offer this services. tested online photo college makers.

2. Make colleges Offline

To make colleges offline on your computer without internet connection, you need a software that can do that, if you know how to go about it you can use the Paints, Coral Draw, or even some microsoft software packages on your computer. But one powerful software I use is Adobe Photoshop, you can create your colleges with it.

How to create colleges of photo with Photoshop

1. Download and install Adobe Photoshop on your computer.

Open it and choose File, select new to create a new blank image. Specify image size based on the desired print size (such as 8 inches x 10 inches at 150 pixels per inch on a white background).

2. Choose File > Open, and open the first image (Image A) to be added to the collage image. You now have the collage image and the first image (Image A) opened at the same time.
How To Make A Collage On The Computer For Free 
3. Select the Move tool. Click anywhere within Image A, drag from the Image A window to the collage image window, and release the mouse button. Image A will display in the collage image window. And it will be on a new layer, named Layer 1.

4. If you what to track your layers you have to rename them, just double-click the words Layer 1 in the Layers palette, and rename. Then close the Image A window so that only the collage image is open. Your Layers palette now contains a Background layer and the new layer that you renamed.

5. After you add your first image to the collage image, you need to add others to the collage image open the next image that you want to add, and repeat number 2 through 5 to add all your images to the collage image.
You can also resize, reposition and rotate pictures in the photo college, you working on. It’s simple but in case you can’t do it just comment below and I’ll put up a separate tutorial for that. meanwhile make the best use of what you have.


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