Latest Visafone Nigeria Internet Plans And Configuration Settings

Visafone Nigeria Internet Plans And Settings

Visafone is a CDMA operator that offers internet services on both CDMA 1X and CDMA EVDO. It has coverage in several towns and cities across Nigeria and has different internet data plans for different budgets.

Visafone has some of the best internet data plans in Nigeria, especially on the cheap side. To access internet on the Visafone network you need an internet ready CDMA mobile phone or an internet modems.

Visafone has two types of networks. The CDMA 1X and the CEDMA EVDO, the CDMA 1x is known for moderate internet speed of up to 153kbps while CDMA EVDO is a 3G network and has a higher internet speed of up to 300kbps.

Visafone data type, subscription, prices and configuration

Visa CDMA 1X internet Data Plans

Below are the visa 1x internet bundle plans for high speed browsing.

– 5GB Internet Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N5,999
– 2GB Internet Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N3,499
– Daily Internet Browsing:(50MB, 24 hours) N120

Visafone 1x configurations

Once you have your CDMA 1x Internet set up by Visafone you are good to go, to renew your data services any time any day just dial this access codes ” *444*access code*Number#” Scroll down for the access code for each internet browsing package. ‘Number’ is your data account number.

Access codes

– Visafone 5GB Data Plan: 643
– Visafone 2GB Data Plan: 642
– Visafone Daily Internet Browsing: 641

CDMA EVDO 3G Internet Settings

The second Visafone network type is the CDMA EVDO, here are its bundle plans and prices.
– Unlimited Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N15,999
– 15GB Data Plan:(24/7, 30 days) N12,999
– 10GB Internet Browsing:(24/7, 30 days) N9,999
– 3GB Internet Browsing:(24/7, 30 days) N5,999
– Daily Internet Browsing:(150MB, 24 hours) N499

Visafone EVDO configurations and access codes

Once Visafone customer shop sets up your internet connection, simply dial*444*access code*Number#. The access code for each internet browsing package is provided below. ‘Number’ is your data account number.

– Unlimited Internet Data Plan:655 – 15GB Data Plan:654 – 10GB Data Plan:653 – 3GB Internet Browsing:652 – Daily Internet Browsing:651

Apart from this two separate internet plans the Visa 1x and the visa EVDO, there is also a hybrid a combination of the type of data plan.

Visa Mobile Internet packages CDMA 1X/EVDO

Internet browsing bundles for CDMA and EVDO networks
– Monthly EVDO Mobile Data Plan:(1.2GB, 24/7, 30 days) N3,000
– Monthly 1X Mobile Data Plan:(500MB, 24/7, 30 days) N1,500
– Daily EVDO Mobile Internet Browsing:(12MB, 24 hours) N100
– Daily 1X Mobile Internet Browsing:(2MB, 24 hours) N25
For configurations and settings you need to Visit Visafone shop to have your mobile internet configured. Check below for access codes

– Mobile Data Plan:664
– Monthly 1X Mobile Data Plan:662
– Daily EVDO Mobile Internet Browsing:663
– Daily 1X Mobile Internet Browsing:661
To browse with Visafone you’ll need an internet modem or a CDMA/EVDO internet enabled phone. Price of Visafone Internet modems starts from N7,000 to N11,000. If you want the Wi-Fi router you to pay about N39,000 with free 6GB data plan and can support up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Visafone locations in Nigeria

The states Visafone is available are
Lagos, Abuja, Abia, Anambra, Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Ebonyi, Edo, Enugu, Imo, Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Ogun, Ondo, Osun, Oyo, Plateau, Rivers, Kwara, Borno, Nassarawa, Niger, over 170 towns and cities in 24 states.

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