MTN Glo Airtel And Etisalat Android Manual Internet Configuration

In some Android smartphones the network automatic internet settings may not work, you may send the usual activation codes yet you might not even receive a reply at all even if you do, it will tell you that your device is not supported please. Such Android device may suprisingly include iPhone 5, Blackberry Z10, Tecno N3 Samsung Galaxys4 HTC One and others. When this happens it could be very suprising and at the same time frustrating. A new phone bought that can’t browse it’s not even a Java phone nor a Symbian this is the hottest Os now on phones yet you can’t surf the internet simply because the network carrier don’t support it, this too happens on Blackberry devices it’s not only common with Androids.

How then will you get your Android phone to browse the internet? Well the truth is you can do this yourself it’s not difficult as it involves manipulating your phone’s setting, you just have to know where to look, what to put there, what to activate and how to save it. Basically three simple steps to configure your Android phone manually

Don’t wait for anybody not even your network carrier because they are slow and at the end of the day they may not give you what you want. Network services in Nigeria like the four major networks that matter the MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat can all be configured manually to browse with your phone. Without much ador lets get started.

What you will need

You’ll need the access point of the networks only and then changing the authentication to Pad and Chap. Note: The steps listed below is country specific, Nigeria in particular. The above will work if you change those settings to your country’s. Otherwise pay attention to the one below then tweak it to suit your requirement country wise.

Steps to configure Nigerian networks for Android internet connectivity

MTN Nigeria Android internet settings

Got to Settings Wireless and Network Mobile Network Access point names > Tab the options button and choose new APN > Put this on it
Username and Passwords: web
Pad and Chap. Save it. you’ll have to tick the radio button at the name of the network you wish to use otherwise it won’t work.

Glo Nigeria Android internet configuration settings

Repeat the same procedure as the above, use GLOFLAT as the name, then on getting to APN (access point) write : Gloflat Username and password : Flat > Authentication : Pad and Chap

Etisalat Android internet configuration settings

Name Etisalat > APN etisalat > Password & username empty.

Airtel Android configuration settings

Name AIRTEL NG > APN > Passwords & Username internet > Authentication Pad and Chap

Thats all hope it worked, having problems at your end? Use the comment box to tell me the problem lets solve it together otherwise join the disscusion on Facebook while there like us.

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