How To Download 2go on Phones and Computers And Actually Enjoy It

Most people are crazy about 2go while some others are bored whenever they log in to their account either because they don’t know how to use it or they simply are not interested. Other the other hand what is your ideal chat app that can be downloaded on any phone? An application that can chat text to text as well as share files, and most importantly easy and 100% free of charge. Ok what’s the name of tha app? 2go. This tutorial aims to teach you how you could get maximum satisfaction from your app, how to really enjoy chatting on 2go starting with the basics.

Just what can 2go application do?

It’s simply amazing what you could do with this app that was developed in South Africa. Here is really what you can do with 2go that you may know or may not know about.

1. Share media files 2go interactive can share media files, you can use it to share files such as images, videos, mp3 songs etc.
2. Chat and meet with new people You really can be in a country like Nigeria or Ghana right this moment and you’re off to America to send a message to some one, that’s how it works you can chat and meet with any user in the world.
3. Free SMS You can now send free sms with your app. Instant messaging apps like this one have replaced our regular traditional short messaging service as you can now send it free of charge no more network carrier charges.
4. Can minimizeStarting with version 7 and higher, it can now minimize just like Whatsapp to allow you do something else.
5. Gateways They have a special type of feature which find helpful that is the gateway feature where you could chat with your friends on Facebook, Mxit, Googleplus and others right there on 2go.

Steps to download 2go on mobiles and PC’s

Visit on your mobile to download the app, launch it and fill the required forms which will ask you your details like your name, age, username, birthday, location, number, gender etc.

For PC’s do everything above except following the address use, download, install and register.

How to enjoy the 2go experience

Spend time to get familiar with the app, if you’re new. Add friends by username go to add friends > Username > and type, or see how many of your friends are already there by adding them through phonebook or through Facebook. Another way is to enter rooms where you’ll meet a lot of people and chat using a special credit known as gocredit. Add who ever you like if they accepts you fine.

Many of you don’t know this, making use of the gateways provided are great and really enjoyable. With this gateways you can chat at the same time with your friends on Facebook, Mxit and others at the same time while on 2go. It’s great if you want your Facebook pals to think you’re on computer.

How to activate the 2go Facebook gateway

2go Facebook gateway is the most enjoyable and the most hardest in terms of setting it up. To do that you need a facebook username if you don’t already have one visit and set yours, after that log in to your 2go account go to Gateways > Facebook > Add your Facebook passwords and your username submit. That’s all you’ll then see your Fb friends.

Although 2go is created as an alternative to sms, it has steadly become a substitute. I use it to just add with chimatim, let’s chat.

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