Peachfolio Crypto Token Tokenomics

Peachfolio Tokenomics​
Peachfolio Tokenomics

Transaction tax : 8%

▪ 4% redistribution to holders

▪ 2% operational costs & app development

▪ 2% liquidity

$PCHF Tekenomics distribution

For each amount of peachfolio token you buy 8 percent of it goes out to be shared by the following

The holders that’s the buyers gets 4 percent via reflections

App development and maintenance cost including marketing gets 2 percent

2 percent is used to stabilize the price

About Peachfolio (PCHF) Token

The peachfolio token main purpose is “it serves as the passport” to the following peachfolio services

Peachfolio hub also known as peachhub this hub has all the tools you need to trade safely in the defi world.

With whale monitor

Real time charts

Supports various blockchains like BSC, Ethereum, Polygon(Matic) and other blockchains.

See multiple charts at a glance, market caps, detailed transaction history, analysis
on holders and volumes, and whale watching tools.

Has an app in Play store and Apple store which you can now sync with your smart watch or PC or both.

You’ll need to hold a certain amount of PCHF token in other to have access to Peachhub and all its wonderful features. Without the certain amount of PCHF token you’ll only have limited access to some of Peachfolio services and features.

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