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Is Viber app giving you problems? Does it cut off your calls without warning, some times you may not hear who you are talking to and they in turn may not hear you. This problems are always common with Viber, it disconnect calls this hurts epecially if you are using this to call your co-workers or other important

things. But first what is Viber? Viber is an application used to make free voice calls and send text messages including photos with fellow users. It is a popular app that many can’t do without, but what happens if you experience the above problems or other similar problems? Is there a way to fix it? The simple solution is to try out this viber alternatives, because since you are not the one that created it, you can’t fix it if the faults are from the app itself.

However there are simple ways to correct Viber app problems, which if done well will plunge out this Viber errors. You could try doing this
i. Check Viber Connectivity: Most Viber call drop-offs and cuts are due to connections, this app makes use of internet connections, so it’s important we receive full signals before we make calls. Try this, move out from a particular place where you experience problems until you find a location that is ok.
ii. Network provider (sim cards carrier) The network carrier can also be the cause of the problems experienced while using the app, as they may experience poor network as a result you’ll have network failure which will adversely affect Viber since it makes use of network. Try this change your network provider, that is why it is advised you have a back up carrier as nothing is 100% reliable.

You can’t do all the things suggested? Or it just didn’t work out for you and you are bent to switch to other Void app, that can run on your computer, Android, and iphone just like Viber in that case their is problem after it’s good to try new things, besides having a back up app is always encouraged. So are there any other app that is can be used to make voice /video calls and send messages free? The answer is yes! This apps works like the one you want to discard, while some others has similar functions. There are many alternatives but I’m listing the top 5, which is done according to their popularity and the feedback from users about its effectiveness.

Voice/Video/Text apps other than Viber

1. Whatsapp

This a very popular app that merits its place as the users choice. This app is 99% realiable, with Whatsapp you can send free text messages, share your photos, videos and other files with friends and co-workers, the best part of it is that your sent messages or files will be seen by the intended and instantly and you’ll receive a reply right that moment.

2. Skype

Skype maybe next big thing to some people but to be it is the current big thing. Skype is mainly a video based messenger where you can make free video calls with it. Connect with friends and family face to face no matter where they are in any part of the world provided there is connectivity.

3. Yahoo Messenger

Yes the good old MSN is also very good in making video and voice calls, including text based chatting. If you believe in the good old adage that old wine is the sweatest, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Yahoo messenger app has been here for a long time even longer than Skype, Whatsapp and others combined.

4. 2GO

I can’t fail to include this one, because this is the app that has being rocking some parts of Asia and Africa. 2go is a text based messenger app that can be used to share files, it also has Facebook, Gtalk and other chat network intergration. Its user base is pretty impressive however the majority of users uses it for fun.

5. Tango

Tango is an app used to make both voice calls and video calls. It has many functions and intergration among them is Facebook and the use of avatars. You can use avatars to replace yourself if you prefer to remain unknown while chatting with its video feature.

By Chimatim

Mr Tim an author in, he writes for various digital and prints media platforms.

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