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Top Small Hidden Tracking Device For Cars No Monthly Fee

This tiny devices is just what one needs, especially if you are looking for alternatives to the monthly fee based GPS. this small device is inexpensive and tiny, this means when you install it, no one but

How To Buy Brand New Kia Motors Online In Nigeria Yourself

Get your Kia motor straight from South Korea. This way it’s cheaper no need to go through any middle men, just locate your desired Kia vehicle, pay for it and have it delivered to your address, it

How To Escape The Police In A High Speed Car Chase

It’s possible to escape a police car chase, despite the Crown Vic, helicopters and other sophisticated police interceptor equipments. Almost everything can be possible especially with “technology and brain combo”, if there are people capable of becoming

How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

You don’t need the latest speed car nor even a Jet to escape the many police vehicles that are on your trail. No sophisticated equipment, latest gadgets, just your bike can do it. Not all conditions support

Why Escaping Police Chase Even With The Highest Speed Car Is Impossible

Can you really outrun the police even with a monster car? Well unless you’re wanted for capital murder or a life term in prison awaits you, I’ll suggest you stay put, do not ever engage the police