How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

How To Escape A High Speed Police Chase With A Bike

You don’t need the latest speed car nor even a Jet to escape the many police vehicles that are on your trail. No sophisticated equipment, latest gadgets, just your bike can do it.

Not all conditions support the use of a Bicycle in getting away from a Police chase. So if you want to do it you’ve to create the conditions. Conditions? Only one, let it be at night.

At night on a relatively open road on a high-end sport bike that you how to ride really well, you might be able to get far enough down the road by the time the cop has realized what happened to be able to turn off the road and get away. The sport bike’s plates are hard to read flying by at 140.

You’ve many advantages compared to other method of escaping

1) A sport bike capable of 160 mph and a four-second 0-60 can be had for under $10k new

2) If you have to ditch it, it’s much easier to conceal than a car

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3) It can travel down many trails, sidewalks, and the like

4) If you crash at high speed, you won’t be in any pain.

5) You can’t easily be spiked.

What of if an helicopter gets thrown in? Well head to the nearest airport. Stop the bike and disappear.
But the important thing is to know when to end the chase and ditch the bike. Otherwise if you get caught don’t say this site is responsible.


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