Easy Way To Fix And Repair Internet Explorer Browser Free

I had this problem before and fixed no problem it was not even difficult, an average person can do so far you can read and follow instructions. The Internet Explorer browser for windows computer is liable to break down, every once in a while some corrupted files on your computer may stop IE from working perfectly or even stop it from openning at all. If that happens, know your IE is now in need of repairs. And you can repair it easy enough with this simple steps

Signs your Internet Explorer need repairs

This are things to look out for, if you experience this things know that you IE is due for repairs.
i. Error in connection
ii. Showing blank or white background.
iii. Cannot display webpage, or won’t even open. They are generally many, that’s why you need to pay attention, know how your IE works so that any change you’ll know.

How can I avoid corrupting my Internet explorer?

Since the faults is caused by corrupt files and programes, it’s wise you ask this question afteall prevention they say is better than cure. Avoid installing softwares from untrusted vendors or brand, be careful when downloading files from online to your computer, get a good anti-virus and periodically scan your system.

Steps to repair Internet Explorer

There are two easy and simple ways to fix IE browser problem, on is by making the use of softwares. There are many softwares which will do the job for you such as “tweeking internet explorer repair” or search online for others. What this software does is search for any system fault including corrupt files, directory glicth, and other factors that contributes to IE browser problems, it identifies the problem and then deletes it.

The other way is to delete the IE, that is to remove or uninstall it, as this option is provided by microsoft for this in case this sort of thing happens.

How to remove/uninstall Internet explorer

1. Go to Start > Control panel > Add or remove programes.
2. Find IE in the list that appears, and click to uninstall/remove Internet Explorer.
3. Click uninstall and continue
4. After the process click ok and restart your computer.

Good you’ve done it. For some windows like windows xp and vista that has the Internet explorer 10, 7. one will not work hence the need for the second one. Leave your feedback I’ll love to hear your comment. There you have it. IE is owned by everybody, almost everybody uses so you don’t have to be a John Doe before you get one, sooner or later you’ll meet this problem that’s if you haven’t already.

For a more detailed lengthy article visit microsoft

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