How To Fix Your Android Tablet To Download/Install Whatsapp Messenger

Downloading Whatsapp messenger on an Android tablet is not easy if you depend on the Android store, this is so because Whatsapp messenger is not listed there. Because it’s not listed on the store for tablet users you’ll have difficulty downloading and installing it. So I’m going to teach you how to install this application without difficulty, you don’t even need to root your phone to do this, you only need to set some things in your smartphone. Besides they are many dangers of rooting your Android phone if you want to go by the way of rooting. Since rooting involves you removing the original mark of the manufacturers it won’t be wise to take that course as you’ll be forfeiting any warranty you may have.

Since this app is not listed on the app store, it means your device will reject it. You have to configure it to accept it, configuring it is not technical you just have to tweek your device’s security settings. To do that go to > Settings > Security > check the Unknown Sources option, indicating what you tell us we upload. You’ve now granted your the device the permission to download and install third party applications like whatsapp. All it remains now is for you to bring the app to your device proper, since it’s not listed on the Android store or Google play to you need to go to a website that have it, but better website is there than their own official websites.

Your next step is to visit the official Whatsapp website to download the application, open your browser and type, it’ll open just select your device name model and make then click download. (just make sure you’re using your phone to access this website) After download install it by opening the notification bar, or looking for it any where your downloaded files are stored, after installation fill up the form that will show with your details and submit. Now you are done installing the Whatsapp messenger on your Android tablet without rooting.

Congrat! You’ve successfully learn’t how to download and install Whatsapp on any Android device like your tablet. Please Share and tweet with friends. Post your comment if you have any.


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