List of crypto Scam Fake tokens

There are tokens you shouldn’t have anything to do with, even if you see them in your wallet, don’t try to check the actual market price not to talk of swapping them.

Some of this tokens perform dust attacks on your wallet, so you are better off living them alone, I won’t want a situation where you’d lose all your coins in your crypto wallet

Even though wallet like Trustwallet may not not show you this tokens, other trackers like poocpoin and peachfolio will show you all of them. So I’m listing them to show you all of them.

How these token work?

These are dusting attacking tokens, the developers designed them to attack your tokens and take the coins in your wallet. Is as simple as that.

So look at the following the scam tokens.


🚫VELO (VeloChain)

🚫FLUX (GoFlux) 0xb16600c510b0f323dee2cb212924d90e58864421

🚫VERA (TheVera) 0x0df62d2cd80591798721ddc93001afe868c367ff

🚫EVER (TheEver) 0x5190b01965b6e3d786706fd4a999978626c19880

🚫MNEB (Minereum) 0xd22202d23fe7de9e3dbe11a2a88f42f4cb9507cf

🚫BabyBitTorrent (BabyBTT) 0xa36bd2c277d8c3a409a3448bd7b856edb03ac42b

🚫ALPACA (ALPACAFIN) 0x0beabd82b18a93d2f9b5c7af8acdda8d0f6d340b

🚫ALPACA (ALPACAFIN) (ALPACAFIN) 0x373233a38ae21cf0c4f9de11570e7d5aa6824a1e

🚫ALICE (AliceDrop) 0x89e0262ec34311564b4e43d416218d38d4db879c

🚫Oss token

🚫Shibadrop. io







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