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Affordable Cheep Android Tablet Phones Tecno Alternatives

True there is a difference between a Tablet and Smartphone, considering that Tecno Tabs are rare this also doubles as why you should ditch Tecno and use Tablets. Is it’s price a deterrent? Well, surprise! Tablets are

11 Cheap Quality Android Tablets Specs And Prices Affordable And Long lasting

There are Tablets and there are really Tablets, who said cheap thing don’t have quality? if you believe so then you may need to change this your mindset because this Tabs will prove you wrong. not only

Tablet Review – Tecno Phantom P9 With USB Full Review Specs And Price

Tecno Phantom Pad Mini is an update to Tecno’s earlier 8.0-inch tablet, that is the  Phantom pad. It has a smaller display with a 7.0-inch IPS display. This Tab offers a decent gaming performance and fast internet

Tecno Boom J7 Review Specs Features and Price

This device is perhaps the official Tecno express music, as it is built for music, Tecno claim that just 5% battery charge you’ll have hours playing music, forget Tecno phantom this smartphone is the real thing.power full

Compare Tecno M3 Vs Tecno P5 Which is hotter?

What and what do you know about the Tecno M3 and P5? There are possibly only two responses to this type of question, one ‘yes I know a lot’ two ‘no I don’t know much’, two answers

Trusted Tecno P5 Specifications Features And Price

8.5 hours talk time use no be beans, just play your games, watch your movies, browse the Net, download stuffs no problem, your battery won’t run down easily.This is what the Tecno P5 brings to the table,

Review Tecno M3 Specifications Features and Price

Get a phone that can stay for 3 Weeks and roughly 3days without the battery needing a charge! Yes you got it 3 weeks and some days when not in use, 5 hours when in constant use.