Two Hard Ways To Delete Groupme Messages And Pictures

Two Hard Ways To Delete Groupme Messages And Pictures


Most of these methods longer work, some may work but not every time.

Using the GroupMe application to text our friends is good, especially if those friends don’t usually check their email inbox. It’s even easy to start a conversation with a group of friends using GroupMe, the hard part is deleting those conversations.

With over 550 million messages being sent through this app, keeping track of conversations, and developing supporting structures to keep the app working must be a tough task for the Groupme management, this might be why the management is not doing anything to help users delete their messages and pictures.

Why we may need to delete our Groupme messages and photos

Too many things can make us want to reach for the delete button, we may find that we accidentally sent some inappropriate text messages, pictures or whatever to our Group, or we just decided that those messages we’ve been sending should disappear, we don’t want anyone seeing them ever again. We want them to disappear just like the messages and pictures on Snapchat.

Here are some real reasons from some real people describing some situations where they’ll like to erase their messages and pictures.

“This makes no sense! We should be able to completely delete pictures. A picture was accidentally put on. Due to the sensitive nature of the picture, it was placed in good faith, this image is about a birth announcement and a picture to a church group. Well, the baby was laying on a particular part of the mother’s body and we didn’t know until she told us. So now we can’t take it off and she is very uncomfortable, It was an honest mistake but we can’t’ take it down and men can see the picture. I don’t understand. Any other app or web-based service allows for deleting”

” I sent a photo to my Group, this photo shouldn’t be seen by anyone else besides my group, now they’ve seen it I want to delete it to prevent others from picking their phones and seeing the picture.”
The above are just some things people are saying. What about Groupme? What are they saying? Here is their official reply to my query “Unfortunately there is no way to delete photos or messages on GroupMe. GroupMe works just like regular texting.

Once you hit Send, there is no way to edit or erase it. You can hide the message, which will temporarily hide it from your own device, (to un-hide simply log out and log back in) but it will still show up on everyone else’s devices. You also can clear the chat history, which will remove the messages from your phone permanently, but again, this will only remove the messages on your device. While we know there is a demand out there to delete photos, at the moment it’s not what we’re focusing on. We’re always open to hearing about ways to make your GroupMe experience better. Thanks for your feedback.”

This simply means that messages and pictures sent via GroupMe are on one-way traffic, once sent it’s sent, no going back, no deleting, forever at the mercy of your contact’s GroupMe app.
So how do I delete my GroupMe messages and pictures? How do I erase my conversations with others, not just hiding them but deleting them completely

Two hard ways

1. Ask nicely
If you sent a message or media via GroupMe, then decide you longer want them to see it again, then ask nicely.

Send another message to the same group you sent those messages or pictures earlier, telling them to hide (this deletes it from their smartphone) the messages you sent so so and so time (give them a hint), you can decide to tell them the truth or lie to them, whatever you do just make sure what you’re telling them will actually move them to do as you want.

2. Leave them

Yes, leave them, I’m not talking about leaving GroupMe, it wouldn’t make sense as all your messages and pictures you sent is still with them.

What you’ll do is to leave that particular group, when you leave that group your messages and images leaves with you. To delete your conversations via the delete group method, just swipe all the way into the group’s right tray or tap the tiny group avatar in top right. Tap settings and come down.

You either leave the group or end the group if you are the creator. Ending the group is permanent it also deletes all the messages both from your end and from the end of your contact.

To rejoin the groups you have left on your own by going into Global settings and tapping Archive.
This are indeed hard but not impossible, do this two ways right and you’ll get what you want.

Update: Aside This there is this online app that automatically deletes this messages at least once per account, before you’ll be asked to upgrade Megadeleta beware that you’ll have to pass one or two surveys at most before you’ll use your free slot, otherwise you’ll have to upgrade first. If it is not working please tell me via comment box.

When it comes to how to delete messages in groupme there is no sure method of way to do it, some method might be working today the next day it may stop working, this is why you need to monitor the internet to know the ones that are currently working. By monitoring the internet I mean monitoring some websites that updates this type of informational article.


Right now most of the above methods no longer works, some might work at random, so if you can check you should check. If it works for you great! If not you just have to make do and look for another avenue to delete your GroupMe messages.

It would been so much easier if you can  delete your messages on GroupMe manually like on WhatsApp and Facebook other than looking for GroupMe hacks and tricks to help you delete them, well that’s what it is we need to make do of what we have this year 2020.


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